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Adtran’s Mosaic One simplifies network operations for over 300 new customers

News summary:

  • Number of service providers harnessing Adtran’s software-as-a-service platform reaches major milestone in just 18 months
  • Rapid growth of Mosaic One sales highlights its ability to enhance service delivery and cut costs via AI-driven insight and optimization
  • Versatile technology-agnostic platform improves customer experience and increases average revenue per user

Adtran today celebrated adding over 300 new Mosaic One customers in under 18 months. The rapid adoption of Adtran’s cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform highlights its ability to address the demands of modern broadband networks. Mosaic One optimizes network operations by utilizing advanced AI-driven algorithms to anticipate and resolve issues before they impact performance. Its three dedicated portals - Care, Operate and Promote – enable service providers to manage complex deployments, reduce costs and deliver superior services to their subscribers. What’s more, Mosaic One is vendor- and technology-neutral, providing an all-encompassing monitoring solution for FTTH, DOCSIS, DSL and fixed wireless networks across multiple vendors.

“DFN’s partnership with Adtran and Mosaic One delivers real-time data and insights for our network and customer service teams, allowing us to care for our customers and fiber network proactively and efficiently,” said Todd Way, CEO of DFN. “The Mosaic Marketing Center has also been a considerable time and cost saver for DFN. Our marketing manager can quickly execute and customize community-centered campaigns with the click of a few buttons. Mosaic One positively impacts our operations, our employees and our customers.”

Mosaic One is a vendor- and technology-agnostic solution designed to adapt to the evolving needs of both service providers and end-users. With its predictive insights, real-time monitoring and intuitive user interface, it provides new opportunities and alleviates the workload for support teams, network engineers and marketers. It’s also recently been enhanced with several new features and capabilities. These include Intellifi®, Adtran’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution. This provides service providers with unprecedented control over the home Wi-Fi experience, maximizing customer satisfaction, loyalty and spend.

Mosaic One offers unprecedented control over the home Wi-Fi experience, maximizing customer satisfaction, loyalty and spend.

Additionally, the newly introduced Mosaic Marketing Center is a comprehensive marketing platform, offering professionally produced promotional materials, including videos, animated explainers and local stock photography to amplify campaigns. It features an instant customization tool, enabling swift branding and deployment of content, ensuring service providers can quickly tailor and launch their marketing initiatives. Also integrated into the platform is the Fiber Gaming Network, a fully managed turnkey solution for esports management, presenting fresh avenues for revenue growth.

“In less than 18 months, Mosaic One has hit a huge milestone. We often talk about how it empowers service providers to maximize the value of fiber networks. But Mosaic One’s success is also due to the fact that it gives customers what they need — a service with no hidden fees and no additional charges post-deployment. Many of our new customers came to us drained by the intricate licensing and perplexing invoicing their prior vendors used. Instead, what you get with Mosaic One is one invoice, one service, one incredibly easy way to manage your entire network,” commented Robert Conger, GM of software platforms at Adtran. “Achieving 300 deployments in such a short period is impressive, but for Mosaic One, it’s just the beginning. With more service-enhancing and revenue-boosting features in the pipeline, we’ll help shape a new era of opportunity for service providers.”


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