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Multi-access edge computing

Extending the cloud to the edge

New technologies like 5G, video, AR/VR, AI and IoT are gathering momentum. And users are running into major challenges trying to support them with traditional centralized cloud computing. It can’t efficiently handle the vast amounts of generated data, and spiraling backhaul costs urgently need to be curbed. High latency is another problem for central IT trying to operationalize their mission-critical control purely in the cloud, particularly as many of these next-gen applications will need millisecond response times. Finally, many applications must continue operating even when network connectivity is lost. It’s now becoming essential to extend the cloud to the network edge, to bring compute capacity closer to the sensors, base stations or mobile devices that need it, and to virtualize network functions for agility and lower costs. That’s what multi-access edge computing (MEC) is all about: bringing the power of the cloud to the edge of the telco network.

Smarter and faster with intelligence at the edge

Our Ensemble Cloudlet solution can help you extend the cloud to the edge of the network. With Cloudlet, you can host your users’ virtualized IT workloads on-site and run virtual network functions (VNFs) to provide managed services with all the carrier-class operations that service providers require.
By leveraging our Ensemble Cloudlet, CSPs can roll out dynamic edge computing in a highly efficient way, giving end-customers access to unprecedented agility, functionality and scalability.

Software-driven service innovation

Our Ensemble solution includes management and orchestration (MANO) tools to enable service providers to replace time-consuming, fault-prone manual processes with open, scalable, automated and field-proven software solutions.

Powered by choice

Our Ensemble solution is built around the principles of networking, operations and choice. That means we help our customers deploy the right solution for each application. For hosting edge compute applications that could mean using a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) server from a variety of third-party suppliers. Or it could mean using a member of our FSP 150 family of devices, which combines best-of-breed Carrier Ethernet with open hosting for any software application. With Adtran, CSPs can easily select the right hardware and software for each application, freeing them to focus on developing new revenue streams and expanding their business

Transforming networks into service delivery platforms

With our market-leading virtualization solutions, service providers can meet their customers’ speed, flexibility and scalability demands.

The power of the cloud in the telco network

Universal CPE (uCPE) has emerged as a key application for edge computing, replacing fixed-function network appliances with software VNFs running on a server. By leveraging our Ensemble software, CSPs can roll out dynamic uCPE in a highly efficient way, giving end-customers access to unprecedented agility, functionality and scalability in high-performance managed network services.

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