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Quantum-safe security

Quantum threat to traditional cryptography

Recent technological advancements have troubled the data security world. The emergence of quantum computers – machines able to leverage the properties of quantum physics to store data and perform computations – is set to have a catastrophic impact on the standard encryption protocols that have always successfully safeguarded the integrity of our data. The introduction of large-scale quantum computers will make almost all key-exchange protocols in use today susceptible to quantum attacks, resulting in data vulnerability that could threaten every aspect of our lives. The time has come to re-evaluate data security and prepare for the post-quantum era.

Today’s algorithms will be no match

With the advent of quantum computing, the way classical encryption handles key exchanges will no longer be secure.

Our ground-breaking engagement with quantum-safe high-bandwidth transport enables our customers to apply future-proof security solutions to their networks today.

A new line of defense

Enterprises and governments must harness security technologies ready for tomorrow’s quantum world.

Transport systems need quantum protection

As the global quantum computing race accelerates, it’s clear that it’s not just the future of our data that should concern us, but also the immediate threat of data harvesting. Highly sensitive information can be seized today, stored, and deciphered later when quantum technologies are readily accessible. To combat this urgent risk, two methods have been developed. One is post-quantum cryptography (PQC) – making secret keys quantum-safe using algorithms to generate maths challenges that even quantum computers can't solve. The other is quantum key distribution (QKD), which is a way of generating keys whose security does not rely on the difficulty of certain mathematical problems. Due to the laws of physics, these cannot be tapped without being destroyed.

Future-proof security

Adva Network Security’s ConnectGuard™ technology can now be augmented with post-quantum cryptography (PQC) and QKD to make encrypted communication resistant against quantum computer attacks, from optical backbone to network access.

Commercially ready quantum-safe solutions

The time for action is now. That’s why our new network security division, Adva Network Security, has made quantum-safe transport innovation a priority, harnessing our extensive and unrivalled expertise in network protection to create a blueprint for the future of data security. Meeting stringent operational requirements, our FSP 3000 platform enabled by ConnectGuard™ has been at the heart of many of the industry’s key breakthrough trials of PQC- and QKD-based security. Our ground-breaking work on quantum-safe high-bandwidth transport enables our customers to apply future-proof security solutions to their networks today. Our customers can now benefit from robust solutions ready for tomorrow’s threats.

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