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Programmable edge

Better cloud services

Enterprises are taking full advantage of the cost and flexibility of cloud-based offerings. Additional resources can be instantly activated and new services can be introduced within days rather than weeks and months. However, the network faces new challenges as more functionality moves into the cloud. Manual provisioning processes at service providers are now too slow, and automatic control with open interfaces has become vital. Some functions need to be supported at the network edge in a cloud-like manner, so the edge needs to act as an extension of the cloud. Our smart and programmable edge devices are uniquely designed to optimize cloud-centric services, providing local intelligence and hosting capability where it’s needed most.

More fire power at the edge

Today’s communication service providers have a unique opportunity: They can grow their connectivity business towards offering high-value managed IT services. Powerful edge devices in combination with fully automated operations are the essential preconditions for tapping into those attractive revenue streams. The network edge must become the focal point of innovation as that’s where services are instantiated, secured, synchronized, and monitored. There, services are handed over to the end customer and stringent SLAs must be met. The edge is the cornerstone of service innovation, and there can be no room for compromise on functionality or cost.

Future-proof dynamic services by design

By including programmability, our edge devices not only serve the immediate needs of today’s dynamic edge services but also anticipate the requirements of tomorrow. They are designed to ensure seamless deployment of future services without the hassle of constant hardware upgrades or replacements. This provides unparalleled flexibility in the present while paving the way for continuous innovation in the years to come. By investing in our solutions, service providers and businesses can harness a forward-looking strategy that offers flexibility now and the ability to innovate tomorrow. More time in service and less equipment churn – the best of all worlds.

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