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Fiber access and aggregation

Advancing the Gigabit Society

Today’s global economy demands robust broadband. Fiber broadband transforms communities, rebuilds urban centers, revitalizes schools, enhances power grid reliability, stimulates economic growth and improves the quality of life. The consumer pressure has never been higher for communications service providers to provide reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity. With unprecedented broadband funding now available, there’s never been a better time to invest in fiber broadband solutions.


Getting the most out of your network

Service providers worldwide demand AI-driven, end-to-end fiber broadband solutions to provide the network capacity and flexibility needed to support the full range of residential, business and community use cases. Established turnkey services paired with an intuitive management system reduce time to revenue from months to weeks. Extended network scale supports both remote and dense-urban Gigabit services delivery. Disruptive multigigabit services garner increased market share and higher revenue per user. Innovative SaaS running on a modern automated, self-healing network eliminates IT complexity and streamlines customer care.

Fiber extension

Both incumbent and challenger service providers around the globe are deploying fiber optic networks to remain market competitive, support government broadband initiatives, and ready their networks for future high-bandwidth ...
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