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Optical network terminals

An ONT for any application

Subscriber demand and choice are at all-time highs, meaning Gigabit services are no longer a market differentiator. That’s why we’ve laid the path for multigigabit home networks with high-performance ONTs that support a wide range of applications. From residential to business to multi-dwelling units, our extensive portfolio of ONTs supports any deployment scenario with industry-leading voice, data and video capabilities.

SDX 630 Series

Our next generation of multigigabit XGS-PON optical network terminals (ONTs) are here and ready to support the most bandwidth-intensive subscribers on your network. The SDX 630 Series of XGS-PON ONTs provide an array of options to address all subscriber ...

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SDX 620 Series

Service providers will benefit from the high data rate of fiber optic transmission and the flexibility offered by our portfolio of XGS-PON ONTs. The SDX 620 Series of XGS-PON optical network terminals (ONTs) support next-generation ... 

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SDX 600/610 Series

Our SDX 600/610 Series of GPON optical network terminals (ONTs) support demanding multigigabit residential and business services, cloud services and remote work. The high-performance ONTs are designed to address the market with industry-leading ...
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