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Disaggregated cell site gateways

Freedom to innovate

The value of openness and interoperability is particularly significant in 5G mobile networks due to the enormous volume of cell site gateway devices required. From day one, we’ve been working with our TIP partners to bring the power of openness and dynamic specialization to this space. By developing our disaggregated cell site gateway (DCSG) solution, we’re empowering mobile operators to move away from proprietary and monolithic infrastructure to disaggregated, fully interoperable systems. This enables them to take advantage of the best available software and hardware components, accelerate time to market for new services, and significantly reduce cost.

Providing choice and efficiency

As a key member of the TIP DCSG group, we’ve worked closely with major CSPs to addresses the most urgent challenges they currently face.
A key element of our DCSG technology is Ensemble Activator, the industry's only true carrier-grade NOS for bare-metal switches.

A simple and complete solution

Our DSCG technology is invaluable for meeting the unprecedented traffic demands of 5G.

Vendor-neutral value

The value of openness and interoperability is particularly significant in the cell site gateway space due to the enormous volume of devices needed for affordable, scalable 5G rollouts. Featuring our Ensemble Activator, the industry’s only true carrier-grade NOS for bare-metal switches, our DSCG solution opens the door to cost-effective deployment of hundreds of thousands of cell site gateways. Comprising a fully tested and integrated white box gateway device and a comprehensive bundle of installation, commissioning and monitoring services, our unique DCSG solution is an key tool for mobile network operators.

Future-proofing mobile networks

By virtualizing the radio access network, we’re helping operators protect investments and enhance services all the way to 5G.

Virtual RAN for scalable 5G architecture

The benefits of centralized RAN (C-RAN), such as reduced footprint and coordination between cell sites, lead to the ideal architecture for the densification of RANs needed for 5G. TIP’s vRAN group is one of many industry collaborations exploring the potential of early C-RAN implementations and our team are right at the heart of the action. Our engineers are engaged in discussions, defining test cases to be deployed in community labs, and providing software and hardware support for the vRAN layer. With our Ensemble NFV portfolio, we’re enabling service providers to orchestrate and host vRAN on white box and COTS servers. What’s more, our FSP 150 product range is empowering service providers to deliver synchronization and backhaul, and prepare for next-gen fronthaul services.

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