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Fiber extension

Fiber deployment challenges

Incumbent and challenger service providers around the globe are deploying fiber optic networks to remain market competitive, support government broadband initiatives, and ready their networks for future high-bandwidth customer applications. Despite the universal strategy to connect every home, business and 5G small cell with fiber, the rollout of fiber networks has been slow to scale in many regions of the world. This is mainly due to the time, cost and disruption required to trench, pull and bore fiber optic cable.


Maximize your investment

Fiber service extension technologies such as second-generation Gfast and mmWave backhaul offer service providers the ability to more rapidly and reliably connect subscribers to their fiber optical distribution networks at a low total cost of ownership. This enables up to 10 times more utilization of a network’s existing multimillion-dollar fiber investment, funding even more fiber investment in the future. 


Overcome fiber deployment challenges

We unify hard-to-reach urban and rural locations with next-generation broadband technologies. Accelerate your delivery of the gigabit society experience with the industry’s broadest range of fiber extension solutions, including fiber-to-the-x (building, node or antenna) architectures.

SDX 2200 Series

Our SDX 2200 Series of Gfast distribution point units (DPUs) is a complementary solution to existing GPON or next-generation XGS-PON networks. Service providers can leverage Gfast DPUs to extend multigigabit services using fiber-to-the-Building ...
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