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Residential solutions

Rise of the multigigabit, multi-user home

The home has become the hub from which your subscribers collectively live, work, play and learn. The demands on hyper-connected homes continuously grow because of the demand for 4K streaming, online learning, remote working and cloud gaming. This is compounded by multiple family members accessing the network simultaneously across multiple devices.


Best-in-class, comprehensive portfolio 

We offer a complete portfolio of residential solutions comprising optical network terminals (ONTs), carrier-class mesh Wi-Fi gateways and satellites, and cloud-management software. Whether you deliver Gigabit or multigigabit services to homes, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), or small and medium businesses (SMBs), we have the right solution for your customers, enabling you to quickly deliver service rollouts and seize new business opportunities.


Open, AI-driven solutions 

Extending the Gigabit experience from the access network into the home is critical for your success. Our residential solutions are built on open platforms, such as OpenSync™, and open interfaces that provide greater flexibility and scalability in architecting a future-proof network and growing new revenue streams. Additionally, by using real-time telemetry, machine learning, AI, and automation, our solutions enable you to deliver next-level customer experiences and gain loyal customers. 

Mesh Wi-Fi gateways and satellites

In today’s digital age, our homes have evolved into centralized hubs for all our virtual activities – encompassing work, leisure and learning. With the growing demands of streaming, remote work, e-learning and video conferencing, fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is indispensable ...
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