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Fiber to the building

Meeting soaring data demand

To deliver Gigabit broadband universally and still remain competitive, service providers must keep deployment and operational costs to a minimum. Adtran’s family of fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) solutions provides a cost-effective, future-proof route to full Gigabit connectivity and ensures service providers can continue leveraging existing in-building transmission mediums such as copper and coax wiring. Utilizing technologies like our second-generation Gfast and Metnet 60G solutions, FTTB architectures can bridge the gap between fiber and copper to supply end users with symmetric, high-speed broadband. It’s an approach that eliminates disruption for customers and lowers cost-per-add for service providers.

FTTB solutions

From the network edge to the subscriber edge, Adtran’s family of fiber access solutions facilitates the delivery of multigigabit services to hard-to-reach locations.
Adtran’s fiber extension solutions enable reliable, symmetric gigabit broadband for end users and make FTTB architectures a more cost-effective investment for service providers.

G whizz

Fiber extension technologies like our second-generation Gfast enable service providers to rapidly and affordably connect subscribers to optical distribution networks.

Hybrid Gigabit connectivity

Adtran’s fiber extension solutions enable reliable, symmetric Gigabit broadband for end users and make FTTB architectures a more cost-effective investment for service providers. Our multigigabit-capable Gfast portfolio extends ubiquitous Gigabit services beyond the current fiber footprint by leveraging the 212Mhz spectrum. Gfast technology also expedites service delivery within multiple dwelling units (MDUs) by eliminating costly in-building construction. And connecting locations where full fiber deployments are impractical or prohibitively expensive, our Metnet 60G solution utilizes the license-free 60GHz spectrum to deliver business-class Gigabit. Offering industry-leading performance, deployment flexibility, and resilience, our Gfast portfolio and Metnet 60G solutions are simple to deploy, scale, and manage.

Purpose-built fiber solutions

Adtran’s Metnet 60G delivers on the business case for Gigabit fixed wireless in hard-to-connect dense urban and rural locations.

Scaling today to meet tomorrow’s demands

Our FTTB product family gives service providers an easily scalable, greener alternative to building full fiber networks, all without compromising on performance. A comprehensive portfolio of customer premises equipment, our next-generation fiber extension solutions include native SDN management for end-to-end service orchestration and automation with open APIs for integration into BSS/OSS systems. Adtran’s Mosaic One is an AI-driven, intelligent software-as-a-service that streamlines network operations and provides actionable intelligence to operators, allowing them to enact swift resolutions to network issues long before services are interrupted.

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