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Management and orchestration

Access network evolution

Access network architectures are rapidly evolving to embrace many data center design principles, including disaggregation, virtualization, SDN control and open-source software integration. The challenge is that many of these architectural evolutions are underdeveloped. However, operators need to deploy robust network infrastructure solutions today that can adapt to these emerging architectural evolutions as they mature.


Addressing the service delivery evolution 

Our network management platforms include Mosaic Cloud Platform, our SDN network control and optimization solution, and the Advanced Operational Environment (AOE), an enhanced element management system that features intuitive drag-and-drop service creation and orchestration capabilities. Many global service providers have already deployed the Mosaic Cloud Platform, offering multi-vendor, multi-technology end-to-end access domain orchestration and SDN control. And hundreds of network operators have embraced the widely deployed AOE. Both platforms are fully featured and fully supported, giving service providers complete control over the timing and depth of SDN use in their access networks.

Mosaic Cloud Platform

Mosaic Cloud Platform (Mosaic CP) is an open microservices architecture providing network management and SDN control for the entire access network. It unlocks control and management functions from the underlying network elements, enabling a more flexible ...
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Advanced Operational Environment

Advanced Operational Environment (AOE) is a simplified end-to-end service delivery solution that enables streamlined workflow for high scalability, proactive network monitoring for SLA compliance, and solid decision support logic for operational efficiency ...
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