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Network infrastructure assurance

Higher service availability with fiber monitoring

Optical fibers carry huge amounts of bandwidth, representing thousands or even millions of concurrent end-customer services. Any disruption of a fiber link can have tremendous impact. And yet fibers are frequently not monitored at all, with service providers relying entirely on service layer alarms to detect failures. This results in time-consuming and expensive fault isolation. What's more, service unavailability creates frustrated customers. This can easily be avoided by fiber assurance solutions. In-service fiber monitoring is an efficient way to instantly detect any fiber degradation, triggering countermeasures even before services are affected.

Simplify testing with lab automation

Whether it's new product development, software verification, pre-sales support or post-sale customer service, the efficiency of a test lab affects a business' bottom line. Bringing new products to market faster or solving problems more quickly gives any organization a competitive advantage. Increasing the efficiency of product demos can win more projects and increase revenues. Reducing complexity and the time needed to configure and manage the test lab environment speeds time to market and improves capital efficiency.

Highly resilient access to network management

Network failures and concurrent outages of the network management system are a nightmare for any network operator. Fault isolation requires field services to visit sites and analyze the network node by node. All the while, the clock is ticking as network unavailability impacts mission-critical processes. Out-of-band connectivity to management systems is now more valuable than ever. With detailed, real-time information from any node in the network, failures are easily localized and counteraction immediately initiated.


Without fiber monitoring, high-bandwidth services are always at risk of disruption, often with significant negative impact on customers. As soon as service providers invest in a proactive solution that ...
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