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Evolution from LTE

Early 5G deployments have been based on a standard called LTE Release 15. This involves taking 5G new radios and connecting them to an existing mobile core network. With these services – as with existing 4G LTE – connections between users are made in the evolved packet core. This is also where the intelligence of the network predominantly resides. Upgrades like this focus on faster handset connections, and that’s good news for customers. But, while it’s true that transport networks enhanced in this way can achieve the sort of speeds we associate with 5G – around 10Gbit/s – it’s also a fact that these legacy architectures are limited in their scope and ambition.

Speeding up

5G new radios deployed over legacy architectures are delivering faster speeds to mobile handsets; but that’s just the start …
Our X-Haul solutions deliver the incredibly low round-trip latency needed for the most advanced 5G applications.

Bringing the core to the edge

To realize 5G’s full potential, we have to move core functionality closer to connected devices.

The future built on X-Haul

To unleash the true power of 5G, we need to transition to more agile and scalable architectures with compute power near the end user. That’s why we’ve been working closely with our service provider partners to drive innovation in X-Haul, developing solutions that merge backhaul and fronthaul networks. With X-Haul, data no longer has to be processed far off in the core, instead, everything happens closer to connected devices. At Adtran, we want to help our customers get the best out of their X-Haul infrastructure, so we’ve built solutions that are powerful, robust and future-proof. With our technology, operators can manage vast numbers of small cells deployed at locations like lampposts and street cabinets. The result? No coverage dead spots and connection speeds that explode off the dial.

Ultra-low latency for IoT

We’re pioneering technology that can deliver the ultra-low (<10ms) latency required for the ultimate 5G experience.

A comprehensive X-Haul portfolio

X-Haul is the key to enabling true 5G connectivity and, by harnessing our high-performance SDN solutions, operators can achieve the incredibly low round-trip latency it requires. All of our X-Haul technology follows an open approach that avoids vendor lock-in. It also ensures the smallest possible footprint and covers the entire range of edge deployment scenarios, providing a choice of passive or active optical access solutions. Devices like our FSP 150-GO102Pro Series Carrier Ethernet solution are loaded with features to provide the flexibility and the precise assured timing needed for X-Haul-enabled 5G. What’s more, our turnkey G.metro plugs offer a way to boost access capacity while saving vital fiber resources, and our compact and cost-effective ALM monitoring technology makes real-time assurance of access network affordable. Whether you’re building from scratch or upgrading a legacy mobile network, when it comes to X-Haul, Adtran has you covered.

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