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FSP 3000 open line system

Freedom from vendor lock-in

Open disaggregated optical networking is one of the industry’s hottest trends. By removing the restraints of closed systems, this approach offers complete flexibility and the opportunity to accommodate different technology lifecycles at the platform and component level. With our FSP 3000 open line system (OLS) our customers have the power to support a wide range of modulation formats, leverage the latest and greatest technology and expand their network at any time in single- and multi-vendor environments.

Customized solutions

For data center interconnect and infrastructure networks, our FSP 3000 OLS provides a new level of flexibility through the ability to deploy direct detect, coherent or both technologies. And, by decoupling terminal functions from the line system, our solution offers total freedom to evolve and optimize each network layer separately. Its automated provisioning of spectrum also dramatically simplifies network planning, reduces operating costs and improves overall network efficiency.

The most versatile disaggregated OLS

Today’s operators need an OLS solution that delivers highest efficiency, ultimate flexibility and future-proof scalability. That’s why the FSP 3000 OLS offers complete versatility over distance. With its integrated OTDR capabilities, it provides advanced telemetry for continuous live network monitoring. Our solutions also come equipped with powerful and standards-compliant northbound interfaces for ultimate SDN control. What’s more, with our automated ROADM technology designed to match a wide spectrum of capacity needs, our FSP 3000 OLS guarantees optimal performance at lowest first-in cost.


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