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Mesh Wi-Fi gateways and satellites

Empowering homes with multigigabit connectivity

In today’s digital age, our homes have evolved into centralized hubs for all our virtual activities – encompassing work, leisure and learning. With the growing demands of streaming, remote work, e-learning and video conferencing, fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity is indispensable.


Deliver next-level customer experiences 

The Wi-Fi environment is constantly changing and prone to causing interference. This results in poor performance, which in turn leads to increased support calls and truck rolls. With AI-driven optimization, insight and security, you can proactively resolve problems before they occur, delivering a fantastic broadband experience. 

Unlocking the in-home opportunity

Our portfolio of mesh Wi-Fi gateways and satellites leverages open platforms and standards that abstract services from the underlying hardware. This enables you to unlock service innovation, rapidly deploy new services and grow revenue streams.