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FSP 3000 open terminals

Opening the door to innovation

Openness is key to addressing the challenges facing today’s network operators. It offers the freedom to deploy best-in-class equipment at any time and the flexibility to upgrade elements to meet new demands and benefit from the latest technology. As transponders usually have a much higher innovation rate compared OLS components, it's vital that they can be easily replaced without having to swap the whole DWDM system. This enables operators to leverage continuous innovation, such as the rapid advances in high-speed coherent optics.

Best-in-class technology

Our FSP 3000 terminals are open. With tunable interfaces, software-defined optics and flexgrid technology, they can easily interoperate not only with our FSP 3000 optical layer but also with any OLS. They support a wide range of services and use cases, from low-capacity CWDM metro-access solutions to highly secure, hyperscale DWDM data center interconnectivity. And with card variants designed to fulfill the demands of specific application areas, customers are free to deploy any solution with best performance. What’s more, thanks to multi-service, multi-functional modules that can be equipped in multiple chassis sizes and depths, customers can harness the maximum benefit from their network with the least amount of operational effort and at the lowest cost.

Tackling every demand

Our portfolio of FSP 3000 terminals enables network operators to maximize the value of their existing infrastructure. The extensive range includes transponders and muxponders, which support the latest innovation including high-order coherent modulation schemes, software-defined optics and our ConnectGuard™ Layer 1 encryption; our OpenFabric™, an OTN switch with a fully open architecture; and our TeraFlex™, enabling 7.2Tbit/s total capacity as well as ultra-flexible modulation in only a 1RU chassis. What’s more, with our pluggable MicroMux™ any 100Gbit/s port can easily be converted into 10x 10Gbit/s ports for the smoothest upgrade of 10Gbit/s-based infrastructure to 100Gbit/s coherent wavelengths and beyond with zero footprint increase.


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