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Spectrum as a service

Unlocking the value of fiber

Today’s communication service providers (CSPs) face the challenge of accelerating data demand coupled with shrinking margins. With traditional methods of expanding bandwidth now reaching their limits, an entirely new method of monetizing optical networks is required. That’s what a spectrum-as-a-service approach offers. It enables CSPs to drive more revenue from their already deployed fiber networks by slicing the optical spectrum in their fiber infrastructure. Now they can then sell different frequency blocks to different customers, enabling them to fully harness the untapped value in their networks.

Monetizing unused spectrum

Optical spectrum services offer CSPs a completely new business case and a vital lifeline for revenue growth.
Realize the full potential of your deployed fiber assets by providing customers with bespoke, fully assured optical spectrum services.

Flexible optical spectrum services

A spectrum-as-a-service approach enables a new class of wholesale offerings with service assurance capabilities wrapped around.

Removing capacity limits

Our FSP 3000 open line system (OLS) is the ideal platform for optical spectrum services, enabling CSPs to harness a wealth of untapped value in their existing fiber infrastructure. With its advanced coherent optics and programmable flexgrid technology, our OLS makes it possible to leverage vast swathes of previously unused spectrum. Just like radio frequency for 5G, different slices of optical spectrum can be assigned to multiple applications and end users. As well as enabling more differentiated service offerings, spectrum service users can leverage their own terminals to optimize throughput.

The power of spectrum as a service

As the industry’s only truly open line system, the Adtran FSP 3000 OLS empowers CSPs to utilize dormant spectrum for virtually unlimited capacity.

New revenue from existing networks

Our high-performance FSP 3000 OLS enables operators to realize the full potential of their deployed fiber assets by providing customers with bespoke, fully assured optical spectrum services. What’s more, our technology supports zero-touch operations, saving time and effort while removing risk of human error. Delivering spectrum as a service with the Adtran FSP 3000 OLS also eliminates unnecessary O/E/O conversion, enables flexible resource utilization and ensures future-proof scalability.

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