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Ash Brown discusses broadband adoption in FTI Consulting webinar

Free online session to unveil strategies for overcoming broadband adoption barriers and enhancing national connectivity

  • Speakers: Ash Brown, senior director, field marketing, Adtran; Susan Walters, regional director, National Telecommunications and Information Administration; Todd Way, CEO, Douglas Fast Net; Shannan Williams-Mitchem, VP, public-private partnerships,; Elizabeth Rothenberger, senior director (moderator), FTI Consulting
  • Topics: BEAD and digital opportunity: breaking down barriers to broadband adoption
  • When: Thursday, December 14, 11 a.m. ET
  • Where: FTI Consulting Zoom webinar:  

In this online webinar, Ash Brown and an expert panel comprising industry leaders will discuss complexities and solutions in the intricate broadband landscape, exploring the ongoing challenges in broadening broadband adoption. 

This panel will debate collaborative approaches among industry, states, NTIA and other stakeholders to ensure ubiquitous broadband access. Register now for this opportunity to understand and contribute to shaping the future of broadband accessibility in America.